Captain's medical condition prompts JetBlue emergency landing in Amarillo

A Jet Blue has made an emergency landing in Amarillo

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A JetBlue airlines flight turned out to be anything but ordinary Tuesday morning as its captain sprinted down the aisles screaming about a bomb. Passengers were able to restrain the captain, Clayton Osbon, as the flight made an emergency landing in Amarillo.

JetBlue captain charged with interfering with crew

JetBlue suspends captain who caused Amarillo emergency landing

JetBlue CEO: Captain is a 'consummate professional'

Update Wednesday 3:35p

A federal criminal complaint was filed against JetBlue pilot, 49-year-old Clayton Frederick Osbon, for interference with a flight crew.

Click here to read the full Osbon Complaint and Affidavit (Warning: Document contains vulgar language.)

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Update Wednesday 1:45p

FBI Statement

On March 27, 2012, the FBI was notified of a disturbance aboard JetBlue Flight 191, which was en route from New York, New York to Las Vegas, Nevada. The flight was diverted to Amarillo, Texas to resolve the situation aboard the aircraft. Upon arrival at Amarillo, the aircraft was met by FBI Agents, Amarillo Police Department officers, and emergency medical personnel. The pilot of the aircraft, Clayton Osbon, age 49, was removed from the aircraft for medical evaluation and is under a law enforcement hold at a local medical facility pending completion of this evaluation. An FBI investigation into the incident was initiated and is still ongoing. The FBI is coordinating its investigation with the assistance of Jet Blue, the Federal Aviation Administration, Transportation Security Administration, the National Transportation Safety Board, the Amarillo Airport Police Department, and the Amarillo Police Department. The FBI will present facts obtained through investigation to the United States Attorney's Office for its consideration as to any federal criminal charges. Any additional information regarding federal criminal charges will be issued by the United States Attorney's Office for the Northern District of Texas.

Update Wednesday 12:10p
Captain Clayton Osbon has been suspended by JetBlue Airways.

He had been a pilot for JetBlue since 2000.

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Update Wednesday 11a


aptain Osbon remains in custody while under the care of medical professionals in Amarillo, an airline source told ABC News.

He is expected to be released from the medical facility later this week.

As for the rest of the flight crew, they have been taken off duty to participate in the investigation and to decompress from the incident.

Pronews 7 Coverage

Package by Emily Griffin

A JetBlue airliner enroute to Las Vegas from New York made an emergency landing in Amarillo Tuesday after the flight's captain began acting bizarre.

JetBlue flight 191 made the unscheduled landing at Rick Husband Amarillo International Airport at 10:11 a.m.

According to a statement from JetBlue, a medical situation developed involving the flight captain, prompting the pilot to make the unschedul


landing in Amarillo (see statement from JetBlue at bottom of story). The captain has been identified as Clayton Osbon.

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) said the co-pilot become concerned the captain was exhibiting erratic behavior during the flight. The captain, according to TSA, then exited the cockpit during flight. As a result, the co-pilot locked the door and when the captain attempted to enter the cockpit, he was subdued by passengers, TSA said.

Passenger David Gonzales said he wrestled the captain to the floor of the plans. He said he got his arm under the captain's chin and held him with pressure until the captain's knees gave out. Other passengers then came to his aid and held the captain down until the plane was on the ground.

Raw Interviews

"He should have been screened before he got on the plane," said David Gonzales. "He definitely had problems."

The FBI and emergency crews, including an ambulance, were reporte


y at the airport.

The airline, which was enroute from JFK airport in New York City to Las Vegas, is at the TAC Air facility at the airport.

The flight captain was transported to Northwest Texas Hospital for evaluation. Officials would not clarify whether the incident leading to the emergency landing was mental or physical in nature.

Another ambulance was also dispatched to the airport. Officials said a medical emergency was declared and that it may be linked to the emergency landing incident.

Passengers reported the person later identified as the flight captain was seen leaving the cockpit to use the restroom and after leaving the restroom, was reportedly "foaming at the mouth" as he began to bang on the cockpit door saying there was a bomb, according to ABC News.

This individual was restrained until the plane landed.

The FBI, FAA, TSA and local law enforcement the investigation.

Pronews has obtained audio, courtesy of, of the incident from the plane to the control tower: Click here to hear it

In flight cell phone video{>}

Statement from JetBlue:

Flight 191 departed New York's JFK airport at 7:28 am ET (was scheduled to depart 6:55 am ET). At roughly 10 am CT/11 am ET, the pilot in command elected to divert to Amarillo, TX for a medical situation involving the Captain. Another Captain, traveling off duty, entered the flight deck prior to landing at Amarillo, and took over the duties of the ill Crewmember once on the ground. The aircraft arrived Amarillo at 10:11 am CT, and the crewmember was removed from the aircraft and taken to a local medical facility.

Customers remain on board at this time. JetBlue is working with local authorities and airport officials for the safe deplaning of the aircraft. JetBlue will send a new aircraft to continue the flight to LAS.

Raw video from the airport

Statement from TSA:

This morning, at approximately 9:53 a.m. Central Time, a Jet Blue flight en route to Las Vegas from New York JFK International Airport was diverted to Amarillo Rick Husband International Airport for an onboard medical emergency.

Preliminary information indicates that after landing, it was learned that the co-pilot became concerned that the captain exhibited erratic behavior during the flight. The captain had exited the cockpit during the flight, after which the co-pilot locked the door. When the captain attempted to enter the locked cockpit, he was subdued by passengers.

After the flight landed safely, local law enforcement secured the pilot without incident, and he was transported by ambulance for medical evaluation.

The aircraft was towed to the terminal building and the passengers were safely deplaned from the aircraft. Passengers are currently awaiting continuation of their travel to Las Vegas.

The FBI, FAA, TSA and local law enforcement are coordinating on this incident.

(Pronews 7's Steve Myers and Emily Griffin contributed to this report.)

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