Caprock high school students show off news skills

Caprock High School students are learning what it takes to be in the news business. They have a video announcement class called, KROCK where the students learn how to present school news and edit video together.

KROCK has been around for years. The idea is to give students interested in journalism a chance to test out their skills. Pronews 7 is featuring the students hard work in this week's Region 16 Spotlight on Education.

The news set may look familiar when viewing the video, that's because these Caprock High School students are testing out their anchoring abilities on our KVII set. The students prepare school announcements and read them to their fellow classmates.

"Say the school is doing say pictures we'll announce that and just anything they want us to announce really," said Caprock High School Senior, Wade Brown.

Students said being part of the class has changed their behavior.

"I've learned to calm down and be more serious on here. It's kind of hard. I don't like ready the paper so I've had to learn to memorize a lot," said Caprock Junior High School, Destiny Trevizo.

"I use to not be able to be on camera at all, but now I've kind of grown out of that I don't really care anymore. I've learned to not be so shy and actually come and be who I am," said Brown.

But there's a lot of hard work that goes into preparing a daily broadcast for these students.

"It can be pretty time consuming especially if we get 20 announcements in because we only have two hours to get it done," said Caprock High School Junior, Anna Herd.

"We were able to figure some of the things once we got out Macs and they updated we were able to find some cool stuff and make it look more professional," said Caprock High School Junior, Veronica Ramirez.

Students said this class has given them a chance to explore what they want to do for a career, many looking at journalism.