Caprock High School students prepare for Science Bowl

It will be the battle of the brains at the Pantex Science Bowl next weekend at West Texas A&M University. Several schools will have teams competing jeopardy style for bragging rights.

For years Pantex has hosted the Science Bowl to inspire a love for Science in students. Competing in the bowl has grown in popularity at Caprock High School. This year they will have three teams. Pronews 7 featured their hard work in this week's Region 16 Spotlight on Education.

Caprock High School's Science Bowl teams practice after school in a jeopardy style match. Christi Srader said, "we have weekly practices our teams compete against one another I also give them some extra reading material and extra study material to do on the side."

Srader said the number of students interested in being a part of the Science Bowl has grown over the years. From just two individuals, to several teams. The school has orange, white, and black teams.

"Well Mrs. Srader asked me if, and honestly she was going to give me extra credit for it so that sounded pretty good to me," said Caprock High School Junior, Ivey Arenas.

"Science is something that you're always going to need in your life. So I figured I might as well keep at it," said Caprock High School Junior, Annika Santana.

Those involved say its all about having fun.

"I think that first of all they study really hard in their classes and so Science Bowl is a way to have fun with learning," said Srader.

"It's a lot of fun. It's really fun competing with other people especially with upper classman who aren't in your grade competing like, hey I know more than you. It's just really fun. Seeing what everyone knows and integrate that into one big team," said Caprock High School Junior, Bryan Polanco.

So how do they think they'll do against other schools next weekend?

"Our team is very strong this year. We have a lot of upper classmen that know a lot of this information and I think we'll do great," said Santana.

The high school Pantex Science Bowl will be held next weekend, February 22nd at West Texas A&M University. The winners will head to nationals in Washington, D.C.