Caprock High School students excel in academics

Caprock High School has seen a 74% increase in the number of students who've been recognized in the Superintendent's Scholars Program.

For Caprock High School Senior Reanna Bostos she's been part of the Superintendent's Scholars Program for five out of seven semesters. She said making her family and school proud is what drives her to succeed.

"Working really hard pays off and I can see that through how my teachers show it and my parents show it and so when they seem proud it makes me proud knowing my hard work is paying off," said Bostos.

The Superintendent's Scholars Program is an Amarillo Independent School District incentive to give students a reward for their hard work.

"The qualifications for 9th through 11th grade are they have to make a 95 or above in 5 classes and for seniors they have to make a 95 or above in 4 classes," said Caprock High School Lead Counselor, Elaine Hyer.

Elaine said they've seen the number of students who participate in the fall increase by 74%, crediting the staff's involvement in encouraging students to achieve excellence.

"At Caprock we are really focused on creating a culture of universal achievement. And we want our students to know that our hard work and dedication pays off and that will lead them to success beyond high school," said Hyer.

For students, they say the program helps them achieve goals for life after high school.

"June last year at the end of my junior year I enlisted into the Marine Corps. I enrolled in the delayed entry program with the Marines and to maintain my ship date on the 23rd of June 2014 I have to maintain high grades so I can graduate and have a high school diploma," said Caprock High School Senior, Mason Stewart.

"I believe that working hard now in high school is preparing us a lot for college. I know that there's going to be even harder work but preparing yourself early on in high school and getting the work done and keeping your grades higher will make it easier in college," said Bostos.

Every semester a reception is held where the students who qualify meet with AISD Superintendent Rod Schroder and receive a certificate and small gift.