Caprock High School honors teacher by rallying behind PINK OUT event

Caprock High School is helping in the fight against breast cancer by raising funds in honor of one of their teachers. It's this week's Region 16 Spotlight on Education.

That teacher is Kristi Barber. She was diagnosed with a rare form of breast cancer 18 months ago when the Harrington Mobile Mammogram Unit made a stop at Caprock High School. It started a 15 month battle to beat bilateral breast cancer, undergoing several chemo treatments, surgeries, and radiation. Since her diagnose, the school has been rallying behind her as she fights her battle.

At Thursday's pep rally Kristi was decked out in pink, ribbons, and stickers. But nothing compares to the smile she wears on her face. It's a smile that says, I'm a survivor. Now in remission she says she owes her life to early detection.

"Early detection is key that if, that's what breast cancer awareness October is all about that's what wearing pink is all about that if one person sees you wearing pink and that reminds them to schedule their mammogram or to do their monthly self exam than that can save a life," said breast cancer survivor, Kristi Barber.

The students at Caprock High School are honoring Barber's fight by collecting more than $1,000 through the week of October 21st to 25th. That money will go directly to the Harrington Cancer Center.

"We have raised over $1,000 in three days to donate to Harrington Cancer Center to provide mammograms for women who don't have insurance or are under funded for mammograms," said Barber.

Besides the donations, teacher Eliza Clement donated 12 inches of her hair to the Locks of Love program. For her, she said seeing the school transform it's colors to pink means the world.

"We have amazing kids here. I'm really proud to work at Caprock with these kids they're some of the kindness children and I mean many are young adults, but I'm really proud of them they've really stepped it up," said Clement.

Barber said it's her goal to continue to raise awareness and funds in the battle against breast cancer.