Canyon veterinarian helps save dogs in Iraq

Every week, we show you unwanted pets that are trying to find a good home here in the Texas panhandle, but some people are literally going to the ends of the earth to rescue dogs.

SPCA International rescues dogs from war torn countries like Iraq that have been befriended by Untied States troops of civilian contractors.

Local veterinarian Dr. Rob Ballinger got to go with them on their 107th trip and he tells us about the trip in his own words.

"This was my first trip, it was their 107th, but my first. They started bringing back dogs that been rescued by the troops. The Iraqis don't particularly like the dogs and the American boys aren't supposed to have a lot of contact with them, but they're going to...and one of the ones we brought back is named Sadie.

She was adopted by a unit out of Basra and one of the guys, named Lucas in that unit was killed by an I-E-D. Lucas' unit lost a guy and they suffered a lot of loss a lot of stress and dogs were there and it provided them relaxation during these times.

Turns out, Sadie was pregnant and had 6 puppies and we brought her and her 6 pups..and the puppy I actually carries is named Lucas and it will go to his mother.

Sometimes it was a bit emotional. I'm a veteran of the navy and seeing some of these contractors and to a a soldier that was killed it was a little emotional and the puppy I carried all the way from Iraq to D.C., it was a little hard to let the little guys go when we go to Washington.."

Dr. Rob brought back two of those puppies and is going to adopt them out locally. For more information, you can call the Palo Duro Animal Hospital in Canyon at 655-2106 during regular business hours.