Canyon tries to silence the trains

Residents in Canyon have long lived with the whistle of trains, but that may be coming to an end. Canyon officials are attempting to make the city into a 'No Whistle Zones' for trains.

The 'No Whistle' ordinance in essence silences trains in the city of Canyon, except for Emergency situations. It's a move citizens have long waited for.

"I'd be tickled to death," said Canyon City Manager Randy Criswell, "if a year from now you could stand out by the railroad and carry on a conversation and the only noise you heard was the train going by and not the whistle blowing."

'No Whistle Zones' are not new for cities like Canyon, but the process can be time consuming.

"The city's that I talk to that have done it have told me that it just takes some time," said Criswell. "Just kind of a slow process, but we have started that process."

Canyon is currently making barriers for crossings that would make the city 'No Whistle' complient, and will have to change intersections that fall too close to the tracks.