Canyon pleased with Charter Amendment Election turnout

The City of Canyon had a daunting job to do leading up to Election Day, but they say theyâ??re pleased with the results.

They had to convince voters to go to the polls and vote for or against 22 Charter amendments.

Although the city operates under state law, the Charter had not been brought up to date since the fifties.

The City held a Town Hall and gave out as much information as possible.

Nevertheless, the election attracted about 90 voters.

City Secretary Gretchen Mercer says, "For what it was it was sort of a boring election, so , yes, I'm pleased people actually went out and voted. Of course, Iâ??d like to see higher numbers. I'd like to see more people involved, but I'm thankful we did have some come out and participate."

All the amendments passed by a wide margin.