Canyon murder victim remembered

The Church of Christ Latter-Day Saints was full tonight as people in remembrance of Fred Charles Moseley gathered to finally lay him to rest.

This memorial was slightly different though, as it brought many answers as to what happened to Moseley who was brutally strangled to death nearly 15 years ago, being only 17 years old.

"It's been just such a strange thing to us for so long to wonder why he would just leave or what may have happened to him," said Fred's brother, David Moseley "We worried what if something bad had happened to him? Would he have just wanted to run away?"

Moseley attended Amarillo Christian School until he went missing July 25, 1998.

His family never knew where he went or what happened to him, until now, but they always had hope he would return.

"I would look at different cases of people who had been missing for many years and suddenly they reappear and we always sort of hoped that that would happen here," said David "We hoped that we would suddenly be surprised and see Fred, but we didn't have that outcome."

Finally, justice has been served, Mario Bolestero Campos has been convicted for the murder and Gerald Ross Dooley pleaded guilty. Campos will serve life in prison and Dooley faces a capital murder charge.

The Moseley family said they are grateful that the Canyon Police never gave up on the case and they are blessed to know that there is such a large support group.

"It's surprising. I didn't know many of the people I talked to this week who said I want to be part of the memorial," said David "It's great to see that people, even after 15 years remember him. It's surprising, but really nice."

Moseley's memorial was well attended and family and friends who were unable to attend still had a presence through Skype.

It was a celebration of life and although Moseley's body was never found people feel they can finally lay him to rest knowing his case has been solved.

The Moseley family said one of the best things is that they now know what happened to Fred after all this time.