Canyon ISD needs votes to win educational grant

In a time when funding for education is declining, many educators rely heavily on grants. In fact, a Canyon Independent School District teacher needs your help winning a $2,500 grant from Farmers Insurance.

Liz Green is a third grade teacher at Reeves-Hinger Elementary. She needs your votes to get that educational grant to help buy materials for her classroom that otherwise will come out of her own pocket. Pronews 7 is talks about it in this week's Region 16 Spotlight on Education.

It's no secret that everyone learns at a different pace and has different learning styles. So to be able to provide material to cater to students in the classroom is essential, or they'll fall behind.

"I think inside the classroom we work inside of a box, and some kids have some strengths outside of that box but we don't always tap into those," third grade teacher, Liz Green.

For Green, it's her goal to purchase audio books and other tools to help students read at the level they need to be at.

"I'm planning on purchasing some iPod type of devices and audio books along with the actually book so they can listen to the book being read to them and follow along that way they're able to access what everyone else is. Everyone of my kids in here are really hard workers and they're really great at thinking. Some of them haven't cracked the code of reading yet and some of them would like to read the chapter books that other kids are able to read," said Green.

But to be able to purchase these materials Green needs money, she's hoping to win. She's up for a $2,500 education grant from Farmers Insurance called, "Thank A Million Teachers".

"We don't have the funding as we have had in the past and so they're isn't a whole lot of extra cash flow to purchase the audio books and so the bottom line is if we don't have these grants then we're not able to get things that our kids need," said Green.

To help Green win the grant you have to vote for her. Voting is open from now until March 31st. The winners will be announced in April. Since January 1st, more than 1,200 teachers across the country have submitted proposals for their chance to win a grant. You can vote for as many teachers as you like, however, you can only vote for the same person once per day.

You can vote by clicking here.