Canyon High School valedictorian talks about her student life

Another school year has come and gone. This weekend high school seniors will walk the stage. One Canyon High School senior is giving a speech to inspire her peers during her valedictorian speech. A speech, Kori Adair has been working on for weeks. Perfecting and choosing her words carefully. But working hard is nothing new to this Canyon High School student. Pronews 7 is featuring her accomplishments in this week's Region 16 Spotlight on Education.

Even on her last day of school on Thursday, Kori is still working hard. She gave a presentation in her AP English class. For her, she said she's taken a different approach to her school work.

"The weird part about, especially the upper classes for high school its no longer showing up and retain what you learn in class. Its taking the time out of your schedule outside of class and really put in the effort to do some research on your own time, it was worth it in the end," said Canyon HS valedictorian, Kori Adair.

Because in the end, Kori was named the valedictorian with a GPA of 102.27. "I was sitting in second period and I just heard them get on the intercom and he said, "And I would like to make a very important announcement here are your top 10, your salutatorian and valedictorian". Of course I was so nervous".

"I really tried this year to buckle down and be an independent student and not completely dependent on what my teachers give me," said Adair.

Kori said she's perfected her speech for graduation Friday night, and has this advice for her classmates.

"I would tell them to find something that they're passionate about and never let that passion dwindle and always pursue what they love to do".

Kori said she plans to attend Baylor University in the Fall and major in bio-chemistry. She also said she plans to do research or may just follow in her oldest brother's footsteps and go into medicine.