Canyon High School showing school spirit with store

Canyon High School with help from students has opened up a school store called, Eagle's Nest. It's this week's Region 16 Spotlight on Education.

A cash register opening is the sweet sound of success for the students who run Eagle's Nest. For two years, the venture has been a labor of love.

"We started with a blank room and now it's decorated and we have all the inventory, so it's been a working process," said Canyon High School Senior and Store General Manager, Amanda Koontz.

"We sell anything from school supplies to food spirit items to t-shirts. Stuff like that and we also have specialty items some stuff that students make," said Canyon High School Senior and Store General Manager, Logan Hinders.

Students in the entrepreneurship class run it. Learning everything from accounting skills and marketing, to daily operations and human resources.

"It's teaching us life skills definitely its also teaching how to be professional and work with others in a business setting," said Koontz.

The students have some of their favorite items.

"I like the Nutri Grain bars. I had the class period, first period, last year so I would get my breakfast everyday," said Hinders.

"It's an accomplishment for everyone that has been a part of this we've just made it our home. We stay here after school we've been working on things our minds are constantly having ideas," said Koontz.

Ideas that are helping this store thrive.