Canyon High School senior wins trip to Australia

A Canyon High School Senior is going back to school with one heck of a summer story to tell. He won a scholarship to go to the University of Melbourne in Australia during his break. Josh Collins, for being a senior in high school is already accomplishing a lot. In fact, how many kids his age can say they've gone to another country alone? He did after winning that scholarship, and Pronews 7 is featuring that feat in this week's Region 16 Spotlight on Education.

"In April the National Society of High School Scholars sent me an email wanting to know if I would be interested in applying for the Trinity Institute Winter Program at the University of Melbourne," said Collins.

To apply Josh Collins had to submit a witty, and entertaining three minute YouTube video describing why he deserves to go. His student resume speaks for itself.

"I had to submit a video on why you should be able to go on this amazing trip. I talked about my community service and how I'm a leader at my school since I'm the President of the Key Club, President of the National Honor Society and the President of the American Sign Language Honor Society and well as the Associate Editor of Eagle's Tale Paper", said Collins.

Out of thousand of videos, his won first place. That landed him a scholarship to go to the Trinity Institute Young Leaders' Program at the University of Melbourne. An all expense paid trip, except for the airfare, that he went on July 7th through the 15th.

"It was quite an honor to realize that I have that kind of potential. I love to travel and see all the different cultures. And the cultures while I was there was amazing to me."

A total of about 150 international students went on the trip. Josh being one of four Americans.

"Half of them were Asian, Thai, Lo, Romanian, it was really amazing to see all the different cultures."

Josh says he focused on fine arts while there. Out of all those students, Josh was chosen as the valedictorian. He adds, that he loved Australia. After high school graduation he'd love to attend either the University of Texas in Austin or the University of Melbourne. He also plans to study mass media/journalism.