Canyon High School FFA program is more than just about farming

Canyon High School students are learning more than just about farming in their Future Farmers of America class. It's also instilling in them leadership and life skills. Pronews 7 is featuring the program in this week's Region 16 Spotlight on Education.

FFA is not just about farming, it's actually integrating leadership, study and interviewing skills with competitions. Preparing students for the real world and life after high school.

"FFA stands for Future Farmers of America. But it's a lot more than plants and cattle. We have speaking competitions, we have chapter conducting, when is parliamentary procedure. And that's how government bodies, congress, big corporations, that's how they'll make their decisions," said FFA Chapter Reporter, Georgia Hansen.

Many students even winning scholarships. "I won a $3,000 scholarship, a belt buckle, certificate saying I won. I want to go to Texas Tech University because of their agriculture and ASL program because I'm into both," said FFA Chapter President, Tanner Bolton.

"I've learned how to be a leader and be more confident in myself because I didn't use for be an its gotten better," said Hansen.

"Before I joined FFA I had no, no, no career ideas. I wanted to be a video game designer. I had no real direction at all when I joined FFA and I get thrown into these contest, by Mr. Closely it really forced me to learn things and it opened up this whole new world that I'd never been introduced to," said Bolton.

Hansen wants to combine her passion of agriculture with giving back.

"My goal is to own something called the Grace Project and it will an operational ranch that's also a refuge for battered women and children. I can blend my passion for psychology and my passion for plants together."

She said she's hoping to see her products to be able to produce funds for the project.