Canyon cracks down on unwanted solicitors

The City of Canyon has passed an ordinance that protects homeowners from unwanted solicitations.

If a door to door salesman encounters a "no solicitation" sign on a door, but knocks anyway, he can be subject to a citation or incarceration, whether he has a permit or not.

Canyon Police Chief Dale Davis says heâ??s received numerous complaints of such merchants in the Hunsley Hills Neighborhood.

He says many of the merchants are young people, selling subscriptions to magazines or vacuum cleaners.

Recently there have been roofing companies employing the same tactics.

Generally someone will drive a van into a neighborhood and a few salesmen will then comb the neighborhood.

Theyâ??re not doing anything illegal, unless they donâ??t have a permit.

They canâ??t get a permit without a background check.

Davis has advice for those who would do business with them, "Do it on the porch. Donâ??t allow these people entry into the house."