Canyon Chamber of Commerce offers breakfast exclusively for Women in Business

The Canyon courthouse across from the Canyon Chamber of Commerce

The City of Canyon hosts a monthly Women in Business breakfast to encourage networking and growth amongst the rising number of businesswomen and female business owners in the area. What started out as only five to seven attendees approximately can now be up to 40 or 50 women at each meeting.

â?? These are strong women and they are determined and they know what they want and they go after it and they are such a great group of women,â?? said Jolenna Wright, a trust officer for Gold Star Trust.

However, just because the amount of women in the work force has grown does not mean the challenges of being a female in the business world have disappeared. Wright believes women still face those difficulties every day.

â??There are still issues for other women to face those challenges and trying to decide if they have picked the right career for themselves. I think they donâ??t get the respect from the different companies that they deal with on a daily basis,â?? said Wright.

Janie Thomas, a local business owner, described the younger generations entering the business world as full of dreams and excitement and believing that they could accomplish anything. She said that these younger women are going into the business world with a much different mentality than her peers and colleagues decades ago. Now, she hopes with events like these, she is able to pass on her business knowledge to those women.

â??Itâ??s not so much for our own benefit but for the benefit of those young woman who say, â??Oh, this is how you do it,â??â?? said Thomas.

The Executive Director of the Chamber of Commerce, Roger Remlinger, said that the main difference he sees between men and women is their involvement in activities outside of their business. In fact, he said the majority of the Chamber committees are made up of women.

â??Every month it seems to be more and more women that attend the meetings, banking industry, real estate, so itâ??s a really exciting time here in Canyon,â?? said Remlinger.