Canyon automotive class wins big at competition


anyon High School's Auto Technology class is celebrating what it did in a recent competition.

Kids from all over the country were there, and they nearly won.

These students could not be more excited. It was a challenge that showcased their quick and precise skills at taking apart and putting together a motor as fast as they could.

It's this week's Region 16 Spotlight on Education report.

"It's called "Hot Rodders of Tomorrow Engine Challenge". It's based on drag racing and who and what team can tear down a motor and put it back together the fastest," said Courtney Lowrance, Automotive Teacher.

Out of more than a dozen teams from different states, Canyon High School placed third earlier this month in that competition.

It's an accomplishment these students say took working long, hard hours. Part of it was holding trial runs against the team from Hereford High School.

"Lots of days after school it takes repetition

. W

e just tore it down and put it together many many times



said Lowrance.

"Showing up and knowing that we beat 13 other teams is pretty big deal for us



said Brady Copley, Canyon High School Junior.

"Proud, I feel proud of my team and my teacher



said Jorge Penaloza, Canyon High School Senior.

Each student also won a $2,000 scholarship to use at Amarillo College to turn a passion into a career.

"I'm going to A


College for the program auto mechanics



said Penaloza.

Lowrance says the challenge was such a successful, fun time for the students, he plans to continue it for years to come.