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      Cancer sucks, but life is great: terminally-ill teen raises $5M for charity

      CNN -- A terminally ill British teenager who set out to raise around $16,000 for a cancer charity has now raised more than $5 million.

      Stephen Sutton, 19, was diagnosed with bowel cancer four years ago. He said his bucket list led him to raise money for charity, and when his health took a turn for the worse last week, his fundraising effort went viral.

      Sutton was diagnosed with cancer in December 2010. He created a bucket list on Facebook of 46 things he wanted to do before he ran out of time.

      But as he checked off bucket list items, something else started happening. People started offering to raise money for him to go on vacation or complete another bucket list item.

      He decided to give the money to Teenage Cancer Trust, the very charity that has helped him through each surgery and each round of radiation and chemotherapy.

      Unfortunately, no amount of money can reverse Sutton's condition.

      He's now in hospice care.

      "Cancer sucks, but life is great."