Canadian students get iPads to help with school work

Students in Canadian are in the process of getting rid of their textbooks, and using laptops and iPads instead.

Baker Elementary School rolled out new iPads for its third, fourth, and fifth graders this year. The district said it's just another way to keep up with technology.

They're the technologically advanced generation and school districts in the area are doing everything they can to stay in step. Canadian's Baker Elementary is the latest school to roll out iPads for its students.

"We have many educational apps that we have downloaded into the iPads and the kids are very excited about using iPads in their classrooms," said Nita Hudson, Baker Elementary Principal.

Hudson said that's the struggle for schools, keeping up with their students who are already playing on the latest gadgets and gizmos at home.

"Well I think its all about engaging students and getting in their world. We're dinosaurs compared technically compared to what they're use to and this is just their world," said Hudson.

"We do math test, math games, reading test, and stuff," said Hayze Hutstedler, Baker Elementary 3rd grader.

It's because of technology, that schools like Baker Elementary are moving away from traditional textbooks.

"All of our high school and junior high school students all of their textbooks are on their lab tops so they don't really have to carry around text books anymore they can and are available but they do have them on their lab tops so I can see that happening in our school district," said Hudson.