Canadian residents close out annual 4th of July Celebration

Canadian residents closed out their annual 4


of July Celebration Saturday with a rodeo showdown.

Canadian celebrated its 125th annual 4thof July Celebration all week long filled with rodeo festivities and performances from several different bands.

â??It offers a little bit of everything for the family,â?? said Board of Director member of the Canadian Rodeo Association, Landon Landoy. â??We hope itâ??s a place that they mark down, July 4


and this is one of the places they want to go to every year.â??

Bands like Cooder Graw came out for the special day.

â??Itâ??s such an important show for all of us that we all want to make sure weâ??re ready to go,â?? said lead singer Matt Martindale. â??Itâ??s not something you just jump on stage and play.â??

Despite how many times they have performed and have come to Canadian to perform, they say this performance has been different, especially having played on the same stage as their previous acts, Johnny Lee and the Charlie Daniels Band.

â??Weâ??ve been to Canadian a few times but to be here sharing the stage with those guys, to play with our friends who are here in the county and all the surrounding areas that are here in the Texas Panhandle, which is our favorite place to be in the entire world, and just to be here, which is a beautiful place, itâ??s a homecoming for us,â?? said Martindale.

While Saturday may be the last night of the cityâ??s Independence Day weekend, fans of the festivities are already excited and ready for whatâ??s in store for next year.

â??This thing has been going on 125 years. The rodeo is 125 years now so all of this has been going on for a while and itâ??s not going anywhere anytime soon,â?? said Landoy. â??So weâ??ll be back.â??

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