Canadian gets a facelift

The town of Canadian has a lot going on right now. Most of it got going when the Downtown project began, and the city's never looked back.

The county is spending close to $15 million for renovations across the area, something they hope will set them up for the future.

It started with bricking the streets downtown and upgrading businesses, and now its making updates to the 100 year-old library. But that's not all the Fire Department building is also getting a facelift, and making the courthouse green.

"None of this could happen without the support of people in this county, they have high expectations of the kind of facilities that create a quality of life here," said Steven Vandiver, Hemphill County Judge.

Judge Vandiver says the library was in rough shape with a leaky roof, and old technology, but the community decided to just go ahead and gut the inside. The new library will be state of the art, while also getting the school district to partner with them on the $4 million improvements.

"Automated books, check in, check out, our space will increase a little bit, we've modernized the kitchen it's a popular gathering place."

Canadian ISD Superintendent, Kyle Lynch said the new resources will help the students.

"It's an opportunity for us to do good things for our children, and give us some after hours time, they'll have access to great technology and a number of resources that can benefit our students."

With most of West Texas towns dying in population, people in Canadian say they work hard to ensure they have a great city for years to come.

"I'm very excited, that's why I chose to live here, many people could live anywhere they want and we choose to live in Canadian cause of the quality of life that exists right here," said Vandiver.

Judge Vandiver also says this is just the start of things to come for Canadian. Believe it or not none of the money for the upgrades came from bond money.