Can You Pass The Naturalization Test?

Immigration has been a hot topic in the U.S. for quite a while -- from border patrol to naturalization tests. Immigrants who take the citizenship test are required to answer a mininum of six of 10 questions correctly, from a pool of 100 questions to pass.

"Wow, I never knew people taking the tests would have 100 possible questions to study and know," Penny Armbruster of Amarillo said. "I'm glad I won't be taking that test anytime soon."

As part of a new series that features a topic of the week, I met with Pronews 7 viewers to test their knowledge on the exam immigrants take to apply for U.S. citizenship.

"These questions aren't exactly easy," Leslie Jass said. "These questions really make you think."

Of the viewers I tested, with a sampling of 10 questions, 60 percent passed.

"I would definitely have to study to get better than sixty percent on the test," Cacy Becker said. "I hope you haven't revoked my citizenship. I wish the best for everyone taking the test and working to make the United States their home forever."