Campus gun survey causes controversy at WTAMU

The West Texas A&M Student Government created an online poll to ask students whether they think a concealed handgun should be allowed on campus.

"It's important to get the student opinion, we've been asked to by the system, the legislature, to poll the students and understand how they want their legislatures to vote on this issue", says Student Body President, Nicholas Goettsche.

Wt's Student Senate will use the information in making a decision on the issue in a meeting on March 4th. According to Goettsche, the information will help the senate in their official decision. "The Student Senate vote will be the official vote of the student body. So this is kind of a poll that we did to see where we're at to allow them to have better info to vote on".

As of Thursday afternoon, the 67% of students want to see concealed handguns on campus. Twenty-nine percent are against the concealed handgun allowance, and 4% are still unsure.


here are some students who aren't in favor of having concealed weapons around campus. "I am not a gun advocate, I hate guns. And I just don't trust some of my peers, whether they have their license or not, to have a gun around me. I don't think it's a good idea"
says WTAMU student
Cedric Nguimatsa.

School group, Bus for Concealed Carry, is advocating for campus gun rights.

"Our position is that students should have the same rights to self-defense on campus as afforded to them by law, off campus.We're helping students obtain their license, we're hosting just some fun gun shoots.. We're just trying to promote concealed handguns in a responsible manner", says President Travis Brown.