Business booming for seasonal stores at Lake Meredith

Boaters at Lake Meredith are contributing to a spike in business for seasonal operations that sale supplies and provisions or rent boats (Drew Powell ABC 7 News) 

Businesses around Lake Meredith that open during the late spring and stay open through the summer are now looking at staying open into the fall or winter months. The reason behind the seasonal businesses staying open longer than in years past is due to the water level rising at the lake. In the month of August, a reported 7.40 inches of rainfall is helping the lake rise to new depths it hasn’t seen in close to a decade.

“The water level has brought people to the lake in groves,” said Dave Wright owner of Wright On Bait & Tackle. “The Labor Day Holiday is coming to an end but the next two months will be full of fishing as anglers will be at the lake, so we’re looking forward to having them. Anglers will be out there looking for that Meredith Mike in the water.”

“This year we're going to go ahead and stay open till the winter," said Ken Wysong, owner/operator of SharKens Honeyhole. “There will be a lot of fisherman coming out and still some boaters coming out as well.”

Business is up this year compared to last year at this time, at the SharKens Honeyhole, by about 10 to 15 percent according to Wysong. Other business owners in Fritch or around Lake Meredith tell ABC 7 News the uptick in business is between 5 and 15 percent.

“All the economy boost that this lake brings has been phenomenal to watch,” said Wright. “The spark that the water level has brought to this community is unreal. It’s in my best interest to stay open through October and maybe even into November.”

“We will be open until about mid-winter and then will close down for about a month or so,” said Wysong.

Boaters from the Texas Panhandle and neighboring states are returning to the lake. Wright tells ABC 7 News an estimated 55,000 plus people visited the lake during the Fourth of July Holiday and that number is expected to be eclipsed during the Labor Day Holiday.

“Lake Meredith is the crown jewel of Texas,” said Randy Whipple, captain of the Party Cruise. “We absolutely love this place.”

“I love going to the beach,” said Carol Butts, lake goer/water enthusiast. “I’m a water girl. We were in Dallas at Lake Ray Hubbard not too long ago and this to me is even better.”

The lake level on Monday morning came in at 68.08 feet. The level is expected to rise slightly for another week. No word yet if any fisherman caught Meredith Mike (a giant catfish) during the Labor Day Holiday but the fish is tagged and has a $1,000 bounty.

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