Busiest travel day, what you need to know

N ew snow chances that have many people hitting the road early to avoid missing out on any holiday happenings.

In fact, officials say Thursday and Friday should be the busiest travel days.

"Oh , we're going home to grandma's house," said Mark Keast, traveler.

Whether you're traveling by car or by plane, expect to see long lings, busy highways, and snowflakes that might delay your trip.

"We've got another storm coming in, they need to exercise caution. They need to slow down, safety first, safety first and foremost , " said Daphne Adkins, Texas Travel Information Center Supervisor.

"Weather, yeah, yeah, we had a lot of snow in Clovis, just a couple of days ago it was like blizzard. Even this bit of mist is worrying us , " said Mark & Sandra Keast, travlers.

Adkins says she's seen a fast-growing amount of people coming in.

"We service almost 400 peopl e Wednesday just at the Travel Center. So, our numbers are up, people are traveling and so they're here to get a map get road recommendations and find out about weather conditions," said Adkins.

For folks traveling to or from New Mexico or the Oklahoma Panhandle, use caution. Crews continue to salt and sand the roads.

"We are blessed here in Texas. We have one heck of aTxDOT team and they keep those roads clear. The other states don't quite have what we do, they don't have the manpower and so we're sometimes at the mercy of the other states," said Adkins.

But if you're flying. Officials say they don't expect the weather to cause any delays the next few days. That's good news, since a lot of people trying to catch flights that were cancelled Monday are flying out Thursday and Friday.

"We typically board 8 00 to 900 to a thousand people per day. And we've been up to 13 00 , we're up about 30% for this week , " said Pat Rhodes, Amarillo Director of Aviation.

Also, make sure you're early for your flight, and check the TSA's website for the list of items you can't take with you.

A good reminder, patrols on highways around the state will be increased looking for drunk drivers and other violators.

To check on your flight status you can click here.

Texas Road Conditions 1-800-452-9292

New Mexico Road Conditions 1-800-432-4269

Oklahoma Road Conditions 1-800-425-2385