Bushland Researchers look for perfect wheat

Texas A&M Agrilife Researcher Dr. Shuyu Liu has an ambitious goal. Heâ??s trying to create the perfect wheat. He looks at various varieties of wheat with various genetic protections against problems.

He says, "Here we try to combine them. They will have a new variety of insect resistance, drought tolerance, and also weâ??re concerned about good end-use quality.

Currently, with technology, producers have seen an average of one to one-and-a-half percent increase over the last decade.

Agrilife Researcher Dr. Jackie Rudd says their goal is two percent per year.

Dr. Don Topliff, the Dean of the Agriculture, Science and Technology Department at West Texas A&M University says, "The simple fact it, without technology, weâ??re going to see massive starvation in the next few years."

He says thatâ??s why work done by Researchers like Liu is so important. "Innovations and discoveriesâ?¦will allow us to feed the nine-billion people who will inhabit Earth by 2050.

Research in Bushland has been successful. There is more access of TAM (Texas A&M) varieties, than any other breeding program in the country.