Bushland quarterback almost loses his arm

Carson Mitchell at the Bushland Falcon field.

Carson Mitchell was starting quarterback for the Bushland Blackhawks this past season. The 13-year-old's dream is to become the starting varsity quarterback at Bushland High School.

But on February 11, 2014, that dream nearly came to a hault. Carson was involved in an ATV accident that almost took his throwing arm.

Dr. Keith Bjork told Carson's dad his first priority would be to save the young quarterback's arm-- and he did.

Three months after the accident, Carson was throwing a football. His parents couldn't believe it.

"We just didn't think he had that much strength to do it," Emmy Mitchell, Carson's mother, said. "But he grabbed the football and I grabbed my phone to video it, and he threw it really well. His form was perfect. It was a day that we didn't think that we would see for a long time."

He will take a year off of football to build his strength. Carson hopes to be on the playing field for the Bushland Falcons his freshman year in spring 2015.

Thanks to inspiring words from Amarillo Venom Head Coach Julian Reese, Carson is no longer ashamed of his scar.

"This is God's fingerprints on my arm," said Mitchell. "No matter what pain you're in, God's greater than it. And He can always push you through. And He'll always be with you."