Burn ban in effect

Potter County is currently under a burn ban which took effect on January 27 for the next 90 days. Tuesday's dry forecast with winds upward of 30 miles per hour will test this ban, but firefighters are prepared for any scenario.

"During this time of year, generally when we hit the end of February through March and generally in the first part of April, it's pretty much the more severe time of the year for wild land fires in this area," Potter County Fire Chief Richard Lake said. "So throughout the year we make sure our training is up to date, our equipment is up to date and we're ready to respond throughout these periods."

The burn ban does not prohibit the burning of domestic waste at a private residence or fire to keep warm in cold weather. The ban does require these fires to be in a container with a metal screen capable of keeping flames from escaping the container.

Fire Chief Lake has some advice for the windy, dry weather to come.

"The best thing to do is not do any outside activities that involve fire such as burning trash," Lake said. "We have a lot of instances where they're cutting or welding, working with machinery, things of that type of outdoor work generally lends itself to wild land fires starting."

For more information about the burn ban or to report a violation please call the Potter County Volunteer Fire Department at (806) 383-3373.