Bullet bounces off of carseat during 15th & Mirror shooting

Nick Gassett's vehicle was struck by a stray bullet during the shooting on March 27 at 15th and Mirror.

During the investigation of the March 27 shooting at 15th & N. Mirror, one affected bystander said he's glad his son wasn't in his truck with him -- and in his car seat -- when the carseat was hit by a stray bullet.

On March 27 at about 8 p.m., officers responded to a reported shooting at 15th and N. Mirror.

Allegedly, two vehicles were stopped at the 15th and N. Mirror intersection when the occupants of the vehicles had an exchange that ended when one vehicle pulled away and the occupant fired shots back at the car still stopped at the intersection.

It was initially reported that the caller of the shooting had been in a white Chevrolet SUV behind the car who was fired upon at the intersection. One of the bullets struck the caller's windshield, traveled through the vehicle and shattered the rear window.

The caller drove away from the scene, stopped at a convenience store at 24th and Grand, and reported the incident to the police. Officers saw a handgun in the white Chevrolet, and seized it as possible evidence. After additional investigation, one of the witnesses was booked into jail on an unrelated misdemeanor warrant, and the other was released pending investigation.

An officer was also contacted by a Nichalos Gassett, who was in a parking lot near the Martin Road Softball Complex. Gassett told officers that he was pulling into the parking lot of the complex when the rear window of his Chevrolet truck was struck and broken. The bullet went through his son's carseat and out a side window, which also shattered. Gassett said that fortunately his son wasn't in his carseat at the time. Officers believe Gassett's vehicle was hit by a shot fired during the aforementioned event.

Officers blocked off the 1500 block of N. Mirror to locate the scene and evidence. Officers located broken vehicle glass in the street, along with a number of expended cartridge cases.

At this time there are no reports of injuries from this incident. If you have information about this shooting near 15th and N. Mirror last night, please call the Amarillo Police Department or Amarillo Crime Stoppers at (806) 374-4400.