Bugging out? Springtime weather means more insects

It's a buggy world out there, and by "there" we mean your yards and even inside your house. It's that time of year again for bugs to start hatching out.

"Around the second week of the third month every year, bugs just start hatching out everywhere," said Bruce Burney for Bugs Burney Pest Control.

You'll probably be seeing more bugs than normal this year, too. That's because last year, the bug population was zapped with the drought. Also, our mild winter and recent moisture set the stage for a particularly bug-filled spring.

"Everything has to have moisture to really survive and thrive and when we had a mild winter like we did this year, we're going to have a big season so all the exterminators have already started to get real busy," said Burney. "Mites are really, really heavy right now but then there will be other insects starting to hatch out like the cockroaches are really heavy right now, too."

Burney has even already starting spraying some homes for fleas and ticks. His business has already been so busy, in February he nearly quadrupled his normal billing numbers.

"We made around $400,000 in the bug business part of it," he said. "We usually run around $10,000 a month so it was around four or five times more last month than what we're used to at this time of year."

You can help fight bug infestation by keeping your grass short and your yard groomed. It's also important to make sure your house is sealed securely around your windows and doors, because no one wants to be "bugged".