Breaking the Ice: Amarillo businesses ensure sanitary ice

Residents around Amarillo are finding ways to beat the heat this summer and that's why local businesses are satisfying their cravings one cold treat at a time.

"We get our ice from Amarillo Ice and they get it from filtered water from the city and they shape it into blocks and freeze it, and we put it in a shaver in a machine," said Shaved Ice Stand Manager Joseph Webb.

Even though snow cone and shaved ice stands operate out of a road-side stand, they're not getting any special treatment from the City of Amarillo's Environmental Health Department.

"The inspector inspects us the same way he inspects any other food service business," said Webb. "They come in, check for cleanliness and if our hot water is working. The same dishwashing procedures for any other restaurant."

Owners at Cowboy Gelato said they're so focused on serving a delicious product, they filter not only their ice water but also water used for their famous gelato.

"I also have a second filtration system here as well that we run strictly for the drinking water for the customer and that same water is used to make our water-based gelato," said Cowboy Gelato Co-Owner Cody Anderson. "The way we felt about it in the beginning is that we're going to make a nice clean product to try to keep it as natural as can be, so we're going to have a filtration system for our customers and for our gelato process as well."

Even though they don't specialize in icy deserts, Asian eatery Kushi Yama has also jumped on the double-filter bandwagon.

"We use the filtered water for the ice machine, make sure the quality of ice should be as good as cooking water," said Kushi Yama Co-Owner Richard Chen. "Even if you have good water, and the ice is no good, then you're going to contaminate the water as well."


hether they're serving up filtered water, ice-cold sodas, or flavored snow cones

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marillo businesses owners said it's important to make sure ice is as clean as the water it's made from.

"It's just like any other food service business, bacteria can grow and spread in any way in here, it's just really important to keep it clean everyday

," said Webb.