Breakfast hotspots prepare for Easter Sunday

Local eateries prepare for breakfast rush on Easter Sunday since the holiday is not just known for services and Easter bunnies, but also Easter morning breakfast traditions.

Donut Stop on I-40 and Bell said their donuts are always a big hit but for Easter customers come in for their baskets.

"Every year we do our little baskets and those are just made with pastel colors," said store manager Mary Deanda. "It's something that kids love when they see them."

Deanda said that although they were busy Friday and Saturday for customers coming in for their Easter treats, Easter Sunday wasn't very busy.

Pancake Station didn't have the same problem. Owner manager, Darla Frey said that they have been packed with only standing room all weekend long. After years of business she said the rush is nothing for the staff and not much goes into preparing.

"I still have the same amount of amount of employees," said Frey. "It's busy most of the days, Fridays, Saturday and Sunday anyway."

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