Boys Ranch Rodeo and AdventureFEST kick-off

As many travel around the area to celebrate the unofficial end to summer, Boys Ranch is welcoming everyone to their biggest fundraiser of the year. North on highway 365 you'll find an oasis in a desert, and this week, Cal Farleyâ??s Boys Ranch is having their annual rodeo.

â??We're having our 68th annual Boys Ranch Rodeo, we're so excited and the grounds are already beginning to fill,â?? said manager of corporations and relations Laurie Cizon. â??Itâ??s so important that people from the community and from all around the state, and other states come to the rodeo to support our boys and girls.â??

Miss Emily Morgan who has been participating for two years has a courageous role in the rodeo.

Morgan said, â??Iâ??m going to be in the arena, fighting some calves. It means like, you keep the riders safe when they fall off the calve.â??

There are many people and businesses throughout the community that have contributed to the success of this event but officials say it would be nothing without an audience.

Vice President of Cal Farleyâ??s Tom Novak said, â??Mr. Farley used to say, what's the point in hitting a homerun if there is nobody there to watch it? Well, our kids are going to have an opportunity to really hit a homerun in many, many different ways this weekend. In riding and participating in different activities, so for a crowd to be there to really cheer them on, itâ??s just inspiring.â??

The adventureFEST prior to the rodeo includes barbeque, vendors and games but Boys Ranch is more than fun and competition.

â??This community is built on children, so it was designed around whatever kids really need. Itâ??s just a great place for kids to grow up,â?? Novak said.

Morgan said, â??Boys ranch is awesome! My grandpa is going to be here, and everyone else should come to the Boys Ranch and rodeo too!â??

The fun continues Sunday and you can purchase tickets at the Boys Ranch gate for ten dollars. AdventureFEST will begin at 10a.m. with games and food, with the rodeo following at 2:30.