Boy Scouts plan to clear lot of Christmas trees

Those shopping for Christmas trees can help support a local Boy Scouts troop in Amarillo all the month of December.

Boy Scouts Troop 80 sells Christmas trees as its main fundraiser every year, and a tradition since 1959.

The funds go to maintain scout facilities, pay for gear and some of the money is even used as scholarships for some of the boys to participate in activities. The trees come all the way from a tree plantation in Washington, and the scouts will sell them until their lot is clear or up to one week before Christmas.

Boy Scout Robby Philyw said, "First we had to clean the place, and then make it all pretty. Then place all the fences to help hold the trees, and then we had to unload the trees which was a big pain, and then we just got to sellin'."

Scout Master, Steve Banks said the most popular tree is the Noble Fir. Troop 80 is located at the corner of Bellaire and Plains.