Boutique fitness studio offers customized and quick fitness plans

Custom Fitness offers customized plan to keep clients from hitting a plateau in fitness goals

There are a multitude of benefits to incorporate fitness into a daily routine. From weight management to combating health conditions and diseases, the research is clear the exercise is essential to healthy living. However, with an influx of fitness trends, large gyms, pop up studios and various classes, it can be difficult for anyone to decipher what is right for them. And fitting in work-out time is a completely separate issue.

But new studio, Custom Fitness, is tackling both of those issues and helping clients to achieve their goals by keeping things simple.

â??My unique spin actually starts out with going back to basics and using things the way they work best, instead of trying to add a new flair to things and throwing things in and out one day, and then change and on to the next thing. We just kind of keep it pretty steady,â?? said studio founder and owner, Kris Stokes.

Stokes has an extensive background in fitness training and wanted to provide customers with customizable plans that suit their needs and abilities. Each client begins with a baseline statistical analysis to decide where they land both physically and emotionally to prepare a personalized program. Each program lasts about a month before Stokes changes it up to allow for growth and challenges based on the needs of her client. For long-time client, Holly West, the guidance and accountability is invaluable.

â??Itâ??s always easy to walk through the doors of the gym, but then you walk in and youâ??re like â??What do I do? What do I have to do to get the results that I want? And thatâ??s why I think a more customizable program works for people who arenâ??t sure how to get the results,â?? said West.

Studies show that high intensity training, like that taught at the boutique studio, done three times a week, can have the same anaerobic and aerobic improvements as 60 minutes of cardio done five times a week.

â??You see people every day that run on a treadmill for 45 minutes to an hour at a time, week by week, and theyâ?? donâ??t change,â?? said Stokes.

Though a boutique studio can be pricier, and cost will range depending on the amount of training sessions, some clients believe seeing the results with less time spent working out is worth the price over the less costly large gym scene.

â??I can get home from my work out, put my workout clothes on, work out, be done in 30 minutes and by that time, I still have my whole evening and I feel accomplished for the day,â?? said West.

West has dropped six sizes since starting work with Stokes a little over a year ago. She highly recommends the studio and Ms. Stokes to her friends and family.