Borger teens found dead may have overdosed

Two Borger teens were found dead Sunday afternoon and witnesses say drugs are to blame. Both an autopsy and toxicology are pending as family and friends are left trying to figure out the rest of the story.

Lt. Anthony Griffin of the Borger Police Department states that Borger Police Officers were sent to 703 E. 6th street in reference to two unresponsive male subjects at about 2:30pm. The bodies of 18 year-old Kevin Cardona and 17 year-old Raymundo Dominquez were discovered at the scene.

"It was found through the witnesses, we have not confirmed this yet, the deaths may have been caused by an overdose of both over the counter medication and prescription pills," said Griffin.

Cardona's cousin, Johnny Berry states that he was the one who found the boys unresponsive inside of the home, Cardona laying on the bed and Dominquez on the floor, both cold and blue.

"I wouldn't want anyone to go through that," said Berry.

Berry states that it had just been a night of partying for the two and this was supposed to be the last time for Cardona who was looking to straight up and act better for his newborn child.

Martin Iglesias, a friend and roommate states that he had been living with Cardona for about two years. He said the two had been drinking, smoking and taking different drugs, including "Triple Cs", the over-the-counter medication Coricidin HBP Cough & Cold.

"They were popping 'Triple Cs' and Opium," said Iglesias. "And they were laughing about how good of a time they were having."

He believes Cardona was under extra stress from problems he was having with the mother of his child and that could have been the reason he took so many drugs Saturday night. He states neither of the boys had a problem with drugs and just used them to have a good time. Sunday morning when he left for work, he checked on them and said the boys were fine.

Later that day he received a call from a friend giving him the bad news. "Raymund and Kevin are dead. They're dead, they're dead Martin."

After losing two good friends whom he would consider brothers, Iglesias warns others of the dangers of drugs and what it could potentially cost you in the end.

"Don't take nothing you shouldn't take," said Iglesias. "Stay strong in their head and say no to whatever comes their way."

Iglesias states that funeral arrangements for the teens have not been arranged yet.

Griffin states that the preliminary autopsy reports are expected Tuesday. A toxicology report has also been requested but will take several weeks before they receive that information.

Anyone with information on this case is asked to contact the Borger Police at (806) 273-0930.