Borger fire under control

Photo Credit: Steve Pair

A fire in Borger that scorched at least 2,000 acres is now under control. The grassfire started around 3:45 PM on Thursday.

In the early hours of Friday morning, fire crews in Borger started a controlled back burn. Their goal was to capitalize on the not-so-gusty winds before the sun came up.

"Relative humidity will come up and that's their window of opportunity to get this fire out," said Danny Richards, Emergency Management Coordinator.

Nature had been playing a large part, the fire started because the high winds snapped a power line in two, but what made the situation more difficult was the location.

"Very rugged country, we've been experience a lot of uh, punctured tires, we've broken axels and, it's very difficult. The guys are out there, and they're really doing battle," said Richards.

That battle has now been controlled as fire officials said the controlled burn has extinguished the flames.

Borger, Fritch, Stinnett, Skellytown, Roberts County, Hutchison County, along with National Parks Services responded to the fire.