Borger family speaks out about dangers of synthetic drugs

April Gibbs was living every parent's worst nightmare when her oldest son tried to commit suicide while on synthetic drugs. An issue that prior to this incident, she didn't even know existed.

Drugs are now not only being sold on street corners and in dark alleys, individuals can easily go into a store and buy them legally.

While her son Brandon Gibbs is all smiles now, it was just three months ago that his life was on a completely different path. He states that he had been using those drugs for almost three and a half years.

"It was almost a daily thing for a long time," said Brandon. "I'd smoke a gram or two a day with friends by myself, whoever, however it came. However I could get it."

He didn't know what effects they'd have on him until it was too late. Fortunately, he was given a second chance. And now, Brandon is comfortable sharing his story.

"He is a walking miracle. He shouldn't be here," said Gibbs. "Because he is here we have a huge testimony and it's our turn to educate the community and inform them how awful this product it."

And the City of Borger is standing behind the family. But the battle over trying to ban synthetic drugs has not been easy.

"The problem with it is that it's legal," said City Commissioner Brandy Callahan. She states that those that make the synthetic drugs play a game of cat and mouse with law enforcement where as soon as a chemical is banned, they manipulate the formula to make it legal again.

Gibbs organized a town hall meeting to help educate as many people as they can about the dangers of synthetic drugs and to hear more about Brandon's story.

"I'm proud of myself for what I'm doing and standing against it and I know it needs to be done," said Brandon. "I know that our community desperately needs help with getting rid of it."

The town hall meeting is open to the public and will take place on February 28th, at 6:30 PM in the City Hall building.