Borger closer to event center

A couple of years ago, a committee in Borger began working on a concept to build an events center there.

They focused on two things... where it should be located and who should be the owner...

In the two years since brainstorming began, there is progress to report.

After spending nearly a year on the land issue, the economic development corporation obtained an area of land that was dedicated to the project.

"Now that we've gotten through that, now out next step is to work on the ownership part of the building, not necessarily who pays for the building or how we pay for the building, but who ultimately will be the owner of the facility," said Committee Chair, Mark Mitchell.

Right now the committee is working up a feasibility study.

Mitchell says the city would ultimately be the owner who comes to the forefront because of the sales tax dollars the event center will bring in, and they just want to make sure the center is good for everyone.

"We don't want to being anything into this community that's not positive, and so at this point we're working on that feasibility study and then working on that ownership for this building or facility to see where it goes from there."

The committee consists of people from frank Phillips College, the chamber of commerce, the economic development corporation, and the city and county.

Mitchell says they are trying to get this project done without changing anything for the citizens.

"We've looked at some different funding methods; you know we're not here to raise taxes, that's not our objective at this point. We're going to try and look at any other way to pay for this through contributions and donors and that is the direction we're headed in, as far as funding on it."

Events the committee is hoping to host are things like arts and craft shows, banquets, rodeos, dog shows and whatever else Borger can come up with.

Mitchell said the center could be used for a variety of events, and he hopes it will bring more people in to Borger.