Boil water notice for area residents in Shamrock

Boil Water notice issued after sewage pond leaks into private wells and public water system.

UPDATE: On Sunday about 10:30 am, along Co. Rd. 17, two blocks North of the I-40 service road, two blocks East of Hwy 83, 360,000 more gallons of wastewater was discharged.

Shamrock city officials say that the cause was a possible ground shift due more of the gypsum shelf dissolving.

SHAMROCK -- The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality issued a boil water notice days after a leak from a sewer pond was detected.

The TCEQ has issued a boil water notice for some residents near a wastewater treatment plant that spilled from a sewer pond.

On August 2, as much as 5.6 million gallons of water could have spilled from the Shamrock Wastewater Treatment Facility and into private wells, around the area northwest of the intersection of hwy. 83 and I-40 intersect on the north side of the city of Shamrock. The notice instructs that the residents in this area, whether they use private wells or public water, should boil their water before usage.

A gypsum sink hole developed at the sewer pond and the water spilled out on to the local area.

According to the City of Shamrock, there is not a boil water emergency for those residents who are connected to city water.

It is not known how long the work will take to clean up the area. Water will be sampled as required while repairs are being made.

The public is asked to avoid the area and if contact is made with the wastewater, soil or waste material they should bathe and wash clothing thoroughly.

Residents are asked to boil their water for at least two minutes before use.

For more information the public is asked to contact David Rushing, City Manager of the City of Shamrock, at 806-256-3281.