BNSF to reimburse evacuees

T he investigation continues into what started the rail yard fire on 14th and Johnson Friday.

O fficials say they have one theory to what may have started it , but one big thing they are doing is reimbursing residents and for any losses they may have suffered during the evacuation hours.

O fficials estimate about 200 residents were in the area of that fire Friday.

O n Saturday, BNSF opened a claims service for those who were evacuated, so that that might get back some of money they spent during those hours.

"A ll residents in that immediate area who may have experienced some expense in relation to them being evacuated, we will reimburse those citizens and residents for all of those expenses ," said Joe Faust, BNSF Spokesman.

T o get those reimbursements, you must have receipts and proof of occupancy , as well as proof of the time frame in which you made that purchase.

A ccording to Faust, that's between 11:30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m.

I n addition to those residents who were evacuated, there were also 80 structures or businesses that were forced to get out of the area.

"W e will be evaluating them on an individual basis as well to determine if in fact or to determine what potential loss they may have experienced because of that evacuation ."

A s to what caused the fire , F aust says it happened during a switching operation.

H e says, as some trains reach their destination, others look to continue on , and those cars have to be used to build another train so they can get where they need to go.

"T his particular train involved in this incident was beamed, the cars were being switched to form another train so during this switching operation, this incident occurred ."

F aust says they have two additional agencies helping with the investigation , and because fire and hazardous materials were involved, the investigati on faust says while the switching operation is one possible cause. He says he doesn't want to speculate, because that's why these investigations are performed in the first place.on could take another two weeks before it is completed.