Blasting to begin in Ute Lake Project

Gayla Brumfield, the Chairperson of the Eastern New Mexico Water Utility Authority says blasting for phase one of the Ute Lake project, which will be construction on an intake structure, should begin after the first of next month.

The entire project is designed to transfer water from the lake to cities farther south, particularly Clovis and Portales.

Meanwhile, the drought is taking a toll on Ute Lake.ã?? Boat docks lead to sand.ã?? Water recedes from waterfront property.

Larry Wallin has been the Logan Village Administrator more than 20 years.

He fears for the future of Logan. "With the current rainfall and we have the pipeline pulling out 16,500 acre feet in the last two years, weâ??d be like Fritch and Conchas Lake.ã?? Right now weâ??d be out of water.

But Curry and Roosevelt counties want the Lakeâ??s water, water theyâ??ve reserved for years with the Interstate Stream Commission.ã?? They say thatâ??s why the reservoir was created in the first place more than fifty years ago.

Clovis Mayor David Lansford says, "Weâ??ve seen a sharp decline in recent years in the aquifer, which is our only source of water."

Lansford supports the pipeline.

The Village of Logan filed a lawsuit to force an environmental impact study, which they say has not been done.ã?? A Judge ruled against them and now theyâ??re appealing.