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      Blah Blah Blah: Interview gets heated after bored reporter gets busted

      Newspaper reporter was busted for writing "blah blah blah" on his notepad while taking notes from a candidate. The interview got a little messy: movie quotes, the Easter bunny, blah blah blah.

      CNN -- When a candidate for State Senate called out an Oregon newspaper reporter for not paying attention, the group interview got a bit ugly! Apparently the reporter thought the news he was reporting was a little "blah".

      Five Republican candidates for senate were being interviewed by an Oregon paper called the Willamette Week.

      The only candidate not actually present, Jo Rae Perkins, was on speakerphone, and when she gave what pulitzer prize-winning reporter Nigel Jayquiss evidently considered to be a rambling answer, he got nabbed by another candidate.

      " Y ou want to talk about disrespect ," the candidate said. " I see what you're writing down there. You just wrote down blah blah blah for everything Jo Rae said. Jo Rae is a respectable woman."

      B ut the interviewers moved on... and the interview began to take a turn.

      " W here are you on the Easter bunny?"

      " W hat did you say?"

      " I said where are you on the Easter bunny."

      That's when the climate really changed and candidate Mark Callahan started quoting A Few Good Men.

      " A re these really the questions that i was called here to answer?"

      The newspaper's editor warned the candidate they might ask him to leave.

      "That's two strikes."

      " W ho do you think you are?"

      " O kay. You may leave now. Go ahead."

      " T he newspaper's editor didn't think his reporter's blah blah blah was disrespectful, but he did think the Easter bunny crack went a little too far."

      There was nothing boring about how this blah blah blah blowup ended.

      "...disrespectful, thin-skinned liberals like yourself."

      " T here's the door."

      " I have better things to do with my time."

      " Y ou clearly do."

      The moral of the story, it may be ok to sing it or say it to yourself, but don't get caught writing it down.