Black on track

Former Amarillo High pitcher Vic Black is making a bid to reach the big leagues before this season ends.

Black, the 49th pick in the 2009 draft by Pittsburg, has been moving up the organization ladder ever since and is having a great season at Triple-A Indianapolis, where he is the top relief pitcher in the Pirates organization. Black earned his first Triple-A win on Monday night in Columbus, Ohio and his stats say it all. Heâ??s been named to the International League All-Star team, his second straight all-star appearance. The one-time Dallas Baptist pitcher began his career as a starter but after some injury issues, made the move to the bullpen and has enjoyed success.

Vic Black

2013 AAA stats

1-2 WL

1.97 ERA

44 Kâ??s/32 INN

.152 OBA

Black will represent Indianapolis in the Triple-A all-star game, July 17 in Reno, Nevada.