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      Black Friday shoppers plan to miss Thanksgiving meal

      I t may not be Black Friday, but that doesn't mean retail stores were completely empty and at Westgate Mall that proved to be the case.

      T here's the pre- B lack Friday shoppers, and then there's the professionals. Kendra Earl set up camp Tuesday, and she's ready for another two nights.

      " T his is probably the sixth year. Before that I always said I'd never be one of those people and then I came one year and I was hooked," Earl said.

      Earl drives from Tulia every year, pitches a tent and waits for retail doors to open. She said those who don't believe the hype, Black Friday is everything it's made out-to-be.

      " T hey're absolutely wrong ," she said. "Y ou can save so so much money. I'm not a shopper, but this is my time. I look forward to this every year just because I love a good bargain."

      Then t here's some who refuse to step out of their own doors on Black Friday, but still want a good deal.

      " T rying to beat the Black Friday rush. We started it last year and we found out that they have some better sales," LeAnn Sorrels said.

      For Earl, she ha d one tip for those who have never tried to tough it out in the cold for a few nights.

      " T ry it once . Y ou'll get hooked, just once ," she said.