Bitcoin used to pay Cryptolocker ransom

Computer specialists in Amarillo hand-out tips to help avoid viruses including the Cryptolocker.

As computer specialists find ways to block the most havoc causing viruses, thereâ??s always hackers one step ahead.

Hackers released the Cyrptolocker virus in September 2013 with a nasty twist, demanding a ransom in return for your computer files.

Darren Lard of Animal Computers said, "If they pay the $300, about 10 percent of the time they will get their files back from the hackers, but the other 90 percent don't."

Specialists agree that computer owners are not necessarily doing anything wrong that puts them in the path of the virus. They said it can be hidden even on what most people consider a safe site.

Scott Erwin of Scottâ??s Custom Computers said, people should always use the â??red xâ?? in the top right of a browser to exit from pop-ups. He said it helps eliminate any possible threats.

"Watch your kids, children sites are one of the most common places to pick up viruses,â?? Erwin said. â??They put the pop ups there, and the kids are going to click on them to win a free Xbox or a free PlayStation.â??

Erwin said another common mistake people make is using more than one anti-virus. He said anti-viruses tend to clash with each other and allow malware easy access.

"These serious type viruses are definitely on the increase,â?? Erwin said. â??If it's for a price and if they're making money, it's going to grow."

The last tip from computer specialists is to avoid using free Wi-Fi at restaurants and coffee shops.