Bill would stiffen hit and run penalties

State Representative Four Price of Amarillo has introduced a bill that would increase penalties for intoxicated hit and run drivers.

House Bill 720 says if a person involved in a hit and run does not stop, render aid and stay on the scene until authorities arrive, he will be charged with a higher category of offense at the trial stage.

Amarillo Police say hit and runs continue to be a problem in the city.ã?? Corporal Jerry Neufeld applauds the bill.ã?? "I think there is some good teeth from this, just from the fact that people need to realize just how serious it is.ã?? People are involved in a collision like this and leave and leave this poor individual on the side of the road, their care or whatever, and take off."

The Driver of the pickup that hit Gary Cantrell on I-27 Christmas Eve has still not been found.

Cantrell is still recuperating.ã?? He says "People need to understand.ã?? They need to stop and render aid, no matter what.ã?? I mean it is a human life thatâ??s lying out there and they need to value that no matter what the penalty is for them."

If passed the law would go into effect September 1st of this year.