Bill Cody Arena home to dog agility competition

      F or the past three days some four legged friends made the Bill C ody Arena their play pen for the semi annual All-Breed American Kennel Club (AKC) agility competition.

      D onna Crary-Johnson said not many people understand her as well as her 10-year-old Miniature American Shepard.

      " S he's my heart dog ." Crary-Johnson said. "S he is really the sweetest , and she reads me like a book. I can tweak my shoulder and she'll know where to go."

      F or two years Icy-Hot has been a hot competitor on the AKC list, and she's making a run in 2014. Icy-hot has competed for nine years, and according to Crary-Johnson it's rare to see a 10-year-old shepard keep up with the pack.

      "S he has not slowed down, so God willing that she'll keep going strong for a few more years," Crary-Johnson said.

      T here are four levels of c o mpetition: novice, open, excellence and masters. As for Icy-Hot, she's no stranger to being a master at agility.

      A ccording to Carolyn Johnson-Archer, a member of the Amarillo Obedience Training Club, all dogs must be close to perfection at the master level.

      "T hey need to be able to ignore distractions a lot , and work with their mom and their dad ," Johnson-Archer said.

      T his is Amarillo's second largest agility competition with participants from Colorado, Oklahoma, New Mexico and parts of Texas.

      C rary- J ohnson and Icy-Hot traveled from Rio Rancho, N.M., but for this duo the end goal is to make it to the Eukanuba National Championship.

      " W e start them at eight weeks doing foundation skills ." Crary-Johnson said. "I t's a lot work but it's a lot of fun. "