Bill Bandy runs for Potter County Judge

Potter County Judge Candidate Bill Bandy.

Another candidate has declared his candidacy for the Republican primary for Potter County Judge.

Bill Bandy announced heâ??s running Monday, the deadline for filing.

Bandy says heâ??s a local farmer and businessman.

He attended WTAMU and worked for State Representative David Swinford, who endorses him.

Heâ??s also served on a number of city committees and non-profit boards.

Bandy says facilities are a major issue. "Facilities are always going to be in the forefront of issues. And thatâ??s no different than any other Texas county. Potter County does have some facility issues that need to be addressed.ã?? So in the next three or four years that should be one of the biggest topics out there."

Bandy is running against former Amarillo Mayor Debra McCartt, former Judge Arthur Ware Assistant Nancy Tanner, Jeff Poindexter, and Bill Sumerford.