Biking with Bush

President Bush biked through Palo Duro Canyon this week.

Friday marked the 2nd day of the Wounded Warrior 100K.


he former president led
20 Iraq and Afghanistan veterans 30 miles through Palo Duro Canyon.

The race is part of the George W. Bush Presidential Center's Military Service Initiative.

It is to honor those men and women who were wounded during the war on terror.

The veterans and President Bush finished 14 miles on Thursday and will have 20 more to go on Saturday.



hope the people in the
Panhandle realize what an unusual place this is," President Bush said. "We got up early in the morning, watched the sun rise and to me, it was one of the most uplifting experiences ever. Probably in my whole life."

When the veterans and President Bush crossed today's finish line they all

laughed and admitted they
could barely keep up with the former president's speed.



e is an incredible man.
He's an animal. He's fast and ruthless. A great mountain bike rider," said Charlie Cusumano after finishing up his ride.

These are words many would use to describe the veterans riding through the canyon. Incredible, fast and great.

Many of these veterans say this is the chance of their lifetime. To ride with fellow warriors and with President Bush, who was their Commander-in-Chief.


Arredondo was in the army for eight years. He lost his arm to an IED in Iraq, he also suffered a blow to the head, but none of that gets him down.





s a real uplifting experience, riding my bike with fellow warrior, who bled and sweat

," Arredondo said.


President Bush well, it's just an honor to ride with him and ride with my fellow veterans."

Arredondo says the best part is that these men and women all have a common bond. They know what it is like to go overseas and fight. Riding together and sharing this experience is once in a lifetime.